6 Benefits of Automating Manual Document Processes

Dream Haddad
Post by Dream Haddad
February 19, 2021
6 Benefits of Automating Manual Document Processes

Automation is one of the best cost-effective and time-saving strategies for any organisation. It wasn’t that long ago when cashiers were typing in prices for each item, and customers filled out cheques to pay for their purchases. Now, automation enables businesses and customers to move more quickly and more accurately. 

Examples of automated document processes include:

  • Auto-fill forms
  • Automatic tracking logs
  • Time audits
  • Workflow management tools
  • Automated email / mobile notifications

Benefits of automated document processes include:

  1. Saving time and money
  2. Happier employees
  3. Improved data quality and reduced errors
  4. Streamlined metrics and key performance measurements
  5. Improved compliance and transparency (audit trail)
  6. Easier collaboration 

Without further ado, let's explore these benefits in more detail.

Saving time and money

According to a study by Mckinsey, CEOs spend up to 20% of their allotted work time handling things that could be automated, such as analysing operational data. Additionally, the study estimated that 60% of all occupations automate at least 30% of their tasks. Automating document processes will free up your employees for other tasks that can improve customer relations, promote growth or increase sales.

Happier employees

Automating document processes, like document creation, can improve staff satisfaction. Removing tedious tasks in favour of more meaningful duties encourages creativity and promotes a happier work environment.

Improved data quality and reduced errors

Automating documents you use regularly allows you to standardise information. The more people you have involved in creating or handling document organisation, the higher your risk of errors. Once you set up your automated system correctly, you can rely on consistent results with little maintenance.

Streamlined metrics and key performance measurements

If you’re spending hours analysing data and drawing conclusions, you could save time by automating some of your processes. The right automation system can compile the exact information you need, saving hours of your time by tracking data in real-time to plan shipping, scheduling, and other duties accordingly. Automation will enable you to track problem areas and fix them faster than manual processes, providing straightforward access to your data so that you can make smarter decisions. 

Improved compliance and transparency (audit trail)

When you automate document processes, all the information you need for compliance and auditing are ready. You’ll have the ability to visualise your results and strategies. Further, automation allows you to stay on top of potential problems and fix them before they become a significant compliance problem. As a bonus: automated document processes mean fewer people need to access potentially sensitive information. 

Easier collaboration

One of the most immediate benefits of automating document processes is the ease of sharing information with others.  For example, automating intake forms, legal documents or financial reports make it easier for your clients to provide information quickly. Automated responses free up your staff to do other tasks, while your customers automatically receive reminders about their orders or appointments. 

The Acodis automated system works with any document type and in any language. Additionally, we offer flexible data experts and seamless integration with your systems. 
Still unsure? We provide a free document audit that includes an assessment, price quote and recommend the next steps to help you automate your business. 
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Dream Haddad
Post by Dream Haddad
February 19, 2021
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