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Unlocking Valuable Clinical Trial Study Data with AI Data Extraction - Webinar

Practical Case Study with Bayer Consumer Health and Capgemini Engineering

This webinar offers actionable insights from a real case study with Bayer Consumer Health and Capgemini Engineering.

Get the actionable insights how to build a data pipeline that efficiently extracts and transforms data from clinical trial studies, all without requiring coding expertise.

Webinar - Getting Documents Ready for Gen AI-2

Getting Data Ready for Generative AI

Life Science companies are now prioritizing scalability in generating business value through AI. However, a significant challenge lies in the fact that 70-80% of their data exists in non-machine-readable formats, hindering its usability for Generative AI applications.


Webinar 2 - 45 minutes 

29th February, 2024


The Path to Generative AI in Life Sciences

In our last webinar, we discovered concrete Life Sciences Generative AI use cases, explored how to prepare your company data for AI, and examined the role of structured data in Generative AI initiatives.


Webinar 1 - 45  minutes 

21st November, 2023

Webinar Heading - Acodis  Bayer  Capgemini (2)

The Role of Documents in RAG Applications

An insightful webinar where we explore advanced data extraction techniques, ensuring data accuracy and traceability, and see real-world applications in Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).


Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Benjamin von Deschwanden, our Chief Product Officer, and Patrick Emmisberger, our Chief Technology Officer, will be attending the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit taking place from May 13th to May 15th, 2024, in London.
This summit is vital for CDAOs and D&A leaders seeking to leverage data, analytics, and AI for organizational transformation.

13 - 1 5th May London, 2024

Heading (1)

4th Annual Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Summit

Join Acodis at the 4th Annual Pharma Regulatory Affairs Summit in Vienna! We're diving into AI's role in drug regulation and navigating new frameworks for emerging life science tech. Let's shape the future of pharma together!


15 - 16th May Vienna, 2024 

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DIA Europe 2024

At DIA Europe 2024, there was a prime opportunity to discuss how collaboration and innovation could support sustainability in healthcare and each stakeholder's role in making it happen. Our CEO, Martin Keller, presented at Innovation Hub 1 session on "AI-powered Data Extraction."


12th- 14th March Brussels, 2024 

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"Excellent customer support from Acodis team ensured we achieved our goal in a timely manner."

Shannon Montgomery
Senior Consultant, Capgemini Engineering

“Acodis platform is intuitive and easy to use by business users"

Thomas Horn
Business Architect at Syngenta Crop Protection

"By working with Acodis, extraordinarily valuable insights can be processed and made available for future research. A manual analysis would take years."

Oskar Jenni
Head of Zurich Longitudinal Studies

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Fast, Flexible, Precise, Customer Orientation, Price/Value-Ratio, Discussions that help along and add brainfood for further optimizations.O CR, Data-Extraction & AI - perfectly done on business documents like contracts.
Johannes W. - Head of Sales Office, Roche

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