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We invest in long-term partnerships and create value for end-users by turning any document into structured data in seconds. If your customers ask for an AI solution that goes beyond the capabilities of document management systems and wants to automate document processing, then let's talk.

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Several industry leaders use Acodis IDP technology as part of their journeys to success.

Join the growing ecosystem and enable your customers to succeed with machine learning.






Key Benefits for Your Customers

Acodis IDP offers everything your clients need to automate any document-heavy process. And there are endless opportunities since almost every business process starts, ends or involves a document.
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Opt-in for AI Data Extraction

Yes, you can build your own custom machine learning module in Acodis. But the real magic happens if you combine them with our pre-trained modules. 

The more you tell Acodis about the data, the better it gets at extracting precisely what your customers need. 

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Fastest Way to Return

From day one, your customers will love to process any document with just a few clicks. Acodis is known for fast onboarding and its high user satisfaction

Using Acodis machine learning models is as simple as booking a flight.

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A Joy to Work With

 Implementing new technologies to your customers can be tough. We make sure that you have the tool and the support you need.

Working with Acodis is a joy for you and your customers.

Is this the right partner program for you?

The partner program is for you if you are looking to expand your offering with intelligent document processing (IDP) based on best-in-class machine learning algorithms. 

Whether your expertise is in consulting, IT systems/integrations or technology–if you want to accelerate your growth, we want to help you. 


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