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Software Overview

To kickstart the series "Demos with Max," we look at the Data Extraction Software Training ground and its features. 

How to Upload Documents

In this part, you’ll learn how to upload your documents into your data extraction engine and how you can keep it in shipshape.

Prepare the Training

In this part, we see a new workspace that opens-up when you've successfully uploaded your documents and what you need to know about it to use it successfully.

Data Point Annotation Pt.1

In this part, we look at a crucial role for successful document analysis and get ready to annotate the data points.

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Data Point Annotation Pt.2

In the second part of data point annotation, we look at the annotation process and the important things to keep in mind.

Let's Start Training

Let's Start Training! In this part, we finally click the "Train" button to start training our system! It’s important to train a machine learning system to keep it in tip-top shape.

Why Customers Love Acodis

In Acodis, we found the right partner for our data extraction POC. The ML technology enabled us to extract surprisingly accurate components of complex insurance policies. This will enable us to increase the quality of our customers' coverages in the future and make internal processes more efficient.

Not only were we able to partially digitalise and automate our logistics and customs clearance processes through Acodis. Much more, we were able to free our operational staff from monotonous, repetitive, and unmotivating manual data entry activities so that they can devote themselves to higher-value and more important tasks in the area of their core competence.

The manual processing of the tabs would have cost us a lot of time. With the automated solution from Acodis, we were able to reduce the manual effort considerably while at the same time investing in a future-oriented technology. 

Now we can process purchase orders and requests for quotation around the globe in real-time. Thanks to Acodis, we can react faster to customer inquiries and strengthen our customer relationships.

Max Keller_Funk | acodis Alexander Quercher_Rhenus | acodis Anja Huber_Stadt ZH | acodis benedikt könig_Wärtsilä | acodis
Max Keller, Lead Funk Risklab
Alexander Quercher, Business Process Developer at Rhenus Logistics
Anja Huber, Project Manager at the City Archive Zurich
Benedikt König, Manager Operations Support at Wärtsilä

Production & Classification

We are done with training! Next on the agenda: business, production, and classification.

What's the F1-Score?

The topic got touched multiple times; now it's time to talk about it properly: the F1-Score. But instead of throwing tons of sciency-definitions and statistics at you, we give you easy-to-comprehend illustrations.

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The Output

Everything is extracted and processed. But how do you get your results into a nice format? That and many more questions are discussed in this part!

Free Data Extraction Audit

Data automation, simplified.

You don't need to be a data scientist to automate the extraction of data from your documents. If you're looking to revolutionize the way you process documents, request a free personalized audit. Upload sample documents below and our free audit will assess how Acodis can automate the data processing.


What's included in the free audit:

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  • Next steps and resources to help you understand what's possible for your documents
  • Advice from document experts, ready to help you begin your automation journey

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