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Enterprise-Grade Automation: Acodis IDP Platform

Acodis Intelligent Document Processing turns any document, in any language, into structured information – making sense of vast amounts of data in seconds. This enables enterprises to automate any document-related process.

Typical price for enterprise-level data extraction starts around CHF 30'000.– per year.



Automate one document workflow with a few clicks.


Key Features
  • Document classification
  • Data extraction
  • 1'000 documents included
  • 1 workflow


For businesses with multiple document workflows to automate.


Key Features
    • All the Start plan features
    • 100'000 documents per year
    • Automated data import/export
    • 20 workflows
    • User management (optional)


Process document workflows automatically and at scale.


Key Features
    • All the Standard features
    • Individually trained ML models
    • Document structure understanding
    • Custom extraction tools
    • Custom integrations
    • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Dedicated support manager

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
in 4 Steps

The world is full of unstructured data hidden in documents – and it will be for a long time to come.
That's why we built Acodis so that you can extract data from any document, in any language.

Watch the on-demand webinar: Data Extraction With Machine Learning

Categorise Documents

Separate documents into categories.

For example, sort between purchase orders and contracts.

Extract Data

Extract relevant data from any document.

These can be simple data points or the entire document content.

Review Results

Validate extracted data if necessary.

This helps to ensure the highest data quality in your processes.

Integrate and Export

Export the structured data into your system of choice.

Choose between standard integrations or use RestAPI.

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Our collaboration with Acodis has enabled us to optimise our document processes significantly. As a result, we can now make the right data-driven decision and thus better support our customers.

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stephan schütrumpf_Creditreform Rating | acodis
Stephan Schütrumpf
Authorized Signatory at Creditreform Rating
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In Acodis, we found the right partner for our data extraction POC. The ML technology enabled us to extract surprisingly accurate components of complex insurance policies. This will enable us to increase the quality of our customers' coverages in the future and make internal processes more efficient.

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Max Keller_Funk | acodis
Max Keller
Lead Funk Risklab

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