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Open up your Word and PDF documents for Generative AI.

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The path to Generative AI starts with data from YOUR company.

80% of data is locked in PDF or Word documents. Common problems companies face opening their documents for AI include:

  • Long documents: lengthy documents need to be broken down into segments while keeping the context only to feed relevant information to your Large Language models
  • Heterogeneous documents: complex documents containing tables, text, and image icons need to be structured into content pieces
  • Documents of varying formats:  data comes in multiple document formats such as JPG, PDF, and Word with challenges beyond OCR
  • Document repository: the ability to query and analyze efficiently not just 1-10, but 1000+ documents at once
Document to computer


According to Gartner research, only 4% of organizations have reported that their data is prepared for AI. 
AI-ready Data Requirements
Organizations that overlook the crucial differences between AI data requirements and traditional data management risk compromising their AI initiatives.

How to get reliable, secure and comprehensive data?

 With the Acodis Platform, businesses can finally unlock and use data from complex documents and remain in control of their data.



Every step from a document to structured data is fully within your control with integrated human-in-the-loop (HITL) function.



Set custom parameters for additional assurance that data points are extracted exactly how you want.

any file


Trace the output back to the original source of a document. 



Designed for seamless collaboration among business and data teams.

How document AI data extraction works

Everything you need to know about AI Data Extraction explained in 59 seconds.


Generative AI in Life Sciences webinar series with Acodis and Microsoft.

Watch the webinars on demand.

Webinar 1

The Path to Generative AI in Life Sciences.

Discover the concrete Life Sciences Generative AI uses cases, how to get your company data AI-ready and what structured data's role  in Generative AI initiatives is. 

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There is a tremendous potential for Generative AI in driving business impact for Life Science companies toward creating a better life for patients around the globe! Using AI at scale is key to maximizing these benefits for a wider audience. 🌍

However, it's not just about the technology itself. We need to make crucial investments, master essential arts, and infuse a responsible approach to every aspect of AI in order to make the most out of Generative AI for the long term.”

shalini 1
Shalini Trefzer, Global AI/Data Lead for Roche, Microsoft
Webinar 2

Getting Data Ready for Generative AI

Data ingestion from documents in Life Sciences.

Discover how Acodis transforms complex documents into structured data for Gen AI use cases like Chat / Search (RAG - Retrieval Augmented Generation), Content Authoring, and standardization initiatives.

Webinar - Getting Documents Ready for Gen AI-2

Why not include the entire document in the prompt for Gen AI application? There are several reasons why you would want to avoid that.

  1. The first one is the prompt size, which heavily impacts cost and response time. So, the more context you provide to the models, the more costly it will be to generate responses and slow down the application's responsiveness.
  2. The second reason is that GPT models have certain limitations in terms of how much context they can process."
Florian f
Florian Follonier, Sr. Partner Solution Architect for Data & AI, Microsoft

What our clients are saying

“Acodis’ AI capabilities make the platform smarter with every scan. This is a big plus.”

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Thomas H.

"OCR, Data-Extraction & AI - perfectly done on business documents like contracts"

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Johannes W.

“Very powerful product packed with many useful features. Built for both experts and non-technical users, backed by a class A support team.”

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Ricardo S.
Pharmaceutical Enterprise

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Why Acodis?

At Life Sciences, we understand that each client and their documents come with unique complexities and requirements.

If you want to automate manual document processing with a no-code platform, try Acodis.

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