5 Benefits of Moving From Paper to a Digital Document Solution

Dream Haddad
Post by Dream Haddad
January 28, 2021
5 Benefits of Moving From Paper to a Digital Document Solution

Finding ways to increase and improve efficiency are essential to your organisation’s growth. You are losing time and money if employees are still spending time sifting through paperwork or digging through filing cabinets to find documents. Digitising your paperwork and records has numerous benefits that will offer your company, employees and customers immediate value.

Key 5 Benefits of a Digital Document Solution

  1. Better security
  2. Better for the environment
  3. Saves space
  4. Improved efficiency
  5. Real-time data

Better security

Paper files, while handy, are at a higher risk for loss and theft. Additionally, personal information on paper files is more accessible to prying eyes. If your organisation were affected by fire or water damage, you could lose a lot of valuable, important information and records. Digital storage, however, allows for secure off-site backups that can be accessed from anywhere.    

Intelligent document processing makes it easier to restrict access to information while protecting data from accidental loss or damage.

In addition to protecting your existing information, using an electronic document system allows you to utilise encrypted forms, digital signatures, and personal information’s redaction. You can rest assured that your valuable data is safe and ensured that your organisation meets compliance guidelines for privacy information. 

Better for the environment

How many sheets of paper do you have in your office? How many more sheets of paper will you add if you continue to print every form and document? According to a study by the Road Runner, paper makes up 70% of office waste. Perhaps more surprising is that the average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper per year. While some paperwork may always be necessary, taking steps to encourage recycling and reducing unnecessary paper can save thousands of trees each year. 

Saves space

Storing paper files takes up a lot of physical space. In some cases, organisations create enough paperwork to necessitate off-site storage. Keeping documents costs extra money. When you transfer to a digital system, you can save floor space as well as financial resources. Freed up space could provide room for another employee, new business equipment or downsizing of your real estate footprint. 

Improved efficiency

Digital files are much easier to access and share wherever you happen to be. Collaborating with people in different offices, or pulling up plans while at an impromptu meeting is fast and easy with digital files. Digital files save time. They are also incredibly convenient because they allow you to obtain electronic signatures quickly. 

Real-time data

If your organisation relies on data for high-level decision making, opting for a digital storage solution for your documents is essential. Manually reviewing and entering data is time-consuming and prone to human error. Digital records make it much easier to collect data in real-time. Essentially, you can access your digital files any time of day to double-check or update information. When your business depends on the ability to pivot quickly, a digital system for your business documents is the best solution. 

Physical paper documents and storage are less efficient, hard on the environment, and less secure. Updating your office to a digital space will help streamline your processes and reduce overhead expenses. 

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Dream Haddad
Post by Dream Haddad
January 28, 2021
Product Marketing Specialist