About Acodis

We're on a mission to turn any document into structured data in seconds.

The world is changing. Businesses are digitising. Automated data extraction is here. Acodis is ready to help you transform the way you use, and understand, all the unique data in your documents.


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Martin Keller | CEO Acodis | Intelligent Document Processing About Us

My parents aren't entrepreneurs, but they taught me to be curious, go out to the world open-minded, and learn as much as possible.

During my studies, I learned that I was able to create ideas and turn them into reality - and I'm grateful that I was surrounded by Patrick and Benjamin, who mirrored this vision of entrepreneurship.

We wanted to give society a solution that solves document-related problems. And since we all frequently use documents, we saw a gap that would inevitably revolutionise how people go about their day at work.

People couldn't fully access their documents' data without manually copy/pasting information. And this is because most data is trapped in files like PDFs or scans. But that's where we believed we could make a change.

From there onwards, Acodis was transformed from an idea into a solution, using AI data extraction, that reshapes how people manage their documents.

- Martin Keller, Co-Founder and CEO of Acodis

Martin Keller | CEO Acodis | Intelligent Document Processing About Us

Our Journey

Here's a quick history lesson for you: learn about how Acodis started, how we grew, and where we are now.

Acodis Founders

Great Minds Think Alike

There were three ETH Zurich graduates who developed an idea for a mountaineering app. After the group discovered countless issues with extracting data from outdated sources, they decided to take action. Acodis was born.

Data Extraction IT Infrastructure | Acodis

Time to Develop

We developed our technical backbone of Acodis: strengthening our IT infrastructure. Acodis also gained a deeper understanding of our market, with the goal of becoming an expert in document processing.

Purple data extraction robot waving hello

Greetings, AI

We welcomed our first customer-based project solely based on AI-centric platform. Not only that, but we also welcomed more faces to the team.

Swiss Made Software | Acodis

Becoming Industry Leaders

Acodis proudly became a member of the Swiss Made Software group. We were also very excited to jet off to Hong Kong to be a part of the Venture Leaders Fintech Roadshow.

2019 also enabled Acodis to be acknowledged as an industry leader in intelligent table recognition.


Onwards and Upwards

We were thrilled to have raised more than CHF2.2 million to accelerate market expansion and product development. 2020 also brought even more new faces to the team -  making Acodis 20+ team members strong.

Acodis Company Logo

It's Rebrand Time

This year, Acodis has been rebranded from (formerly known as) Turicode.

Acodis is now pioneering the field of intelligent document processing (IDP), aiming to provide new solutions for any document-related challenges.

Acodis Gruppenfoto

Big Goals Reached

More team members, more resources, same enthusiasm. In 2022, Acodis expands its customer base to international companies. Industry leaders like Syngenta and Roche trust the Acodis IDP Platform and use it on a daily basis.


Our Values

Sustainable Thinking

We act with a long-term perspective in all our activities and decisions


We care more about people than about titles


We listen to new ideas for innovative solutions


We celebrate an honest and open feedback culture

Executive Board

Our executive board consists of sharp experts in all aspects of document data extraction.

Martin Keller

CEO & Co-Founder


Patrick E-New-Square

Patrick Emmisberger

CTO & Co-Founder



Benjamin von Deschwanden

CPO & Co-Founder


Patrick B-new-Square

Patrick Bürkle

Chief Customer Officer