As pioneers in the field of machine learning and deep learning, our mission is to turn any document into valuable structured data.

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Our Story

Acodis began with four friends who developed an idea for a mountaineering app – but encountered challenges with... you’ve guessed right, data extraction. As graduates in Computer Science at ETH Zurich, they developed a prototype that could access data in documents ten times faster and more flexibly than comparable solutions, thanks to advanced technologies such as machine learning.

With a growing appetite for these new and exciting technologies, they abandoned their original project and narrowed their efforts with the vision of further developing their machine learning software – opening them up to new use cases in large markets. Thus, Acodis as we know it was born in 2016. 

Today, the rapidly growing team consists of over 25 software engineers, machine learning specialists, and business experts. 

Your Solution-Finders

Our Business Solution experts will help you find the right solution for you and your company.
Business Solution David Schiller | acodis
David Schiller

+41 78 402 18 54


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Tobias Bertschinger

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MW | acodis
Maximilian Walo

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Business Solution Sara Wick | acodis
Sara Wick

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The Document Whisperers

Our management team are experts in all aspects of data extraction.

MK | acodis
Martin Keller

CEO & Co-Founder



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Benjamin von Deschwanden

COO & Co-Founder



PE | acodis
Patrick Emmisberger

CTO & Co-Founder

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