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Integrate Acodis with UiPath

Acodis now integrates to UiPath the leader in Robotic Process Automation to improve data extraction for large enterprise customers. 

Watch the Walkthrough Tutorial and see how simple and fast the integration is.

Integration FAQs

Every organization has its own set of tools - connect to Acodis through a transactional REST API (Application Programming Interface).

Easily integrate Acodis into a state-of-the-art serverless or microservice-based environment.


Why is the API easy to use?
  • Standard transactional REST API
  • The API has only three entry points:
    • Upload your PDF
    • Review transaction status
    • Download your extracted data as JSON, CSV XML, or Excel
  • Use the REST client in the programming language that you are already using
How much time will it take?
  • Acodis will provide you access to the API during the onboarding session
  • You can instantly access the API (once you have the key) and easily integrate it with your existing business tools
  • No complex or external IT support required
How will it help developers?
  • Start focusing only on the important data from your documents and stop processing them yourself.
  • Stop worrying about PDF standards, OCR, layout recognition, and data normalisation. Acodis manages all these things so you can focus on optimising your business.
  • You may use the existing UI, or choose to use Acodis in an automated processing mode, making it invisible to the end-user.
How often does the API change?
  • The API is updated from time to time but the core functionality remains backward compatible.
  • If required, we may extend the API based on customer requests
How are API changes communicated?
  • Release updates are communicated to existing customers by email
How does the API fit into the existing tool landscape?
  • Acodis will easily integrate into a state-of-the-art serverless or microservice-based environment. For example, using Microsoft Azure Functions to extract data from PDFs, or design Microsoft Logic Apps to leverage the Acodis document understanding engine 
What kind of API is it?
  • Transactional REST API
Can I use Zapier?

Please contact us to enable Zapier for you. 


Seamless SAP integration for logistics documents

"Acodis' API solution approach: simple and yet reliable."


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