Extract Tables From Any Document in Seconds

Extract tables from documents in bulk:

  • Works with any document in any language
  • Powered by AI. No coding required
  • Use table data to fuel your LLMs

How Table Extraction With Acodis Works

Start extracting tables from your documents in bulk — no matter the layout or complexity

Step 1: Table Detection

The Table Extraction process begins with Acodis using a combination of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning models to identify all tables in any PDF or image.


Step 2: Table Recognition

After Acodis locates the tables in the documents, it uses identifies the columns, rows, and individual cells in all tables.

Step 3: Table Extraction and Fine-tuning

Finally, Acodis uses deep learning models to extract the tables from your documents for later analysis and gives you finetuning power over the final extraction. Acodis also learns from your finetuning and extracts tables from all subsequent documents with the highest accuracy rates on the market.


Advantages of Table Extraction With Acodis

Why Acodis? Automatically extract tables with human-in-the-loop functionalities and the highest accuracy rates on the market

Extract Tables From Complex Documents

Whether your tables include merged or borderless cells, Acodis learns to automatically extract them in bulk —no matter the document’s complexity or layout.

Extract an Exact Digital Twin of Your Tables

Save hours on reconstructing table data. Acodis automatically detects and extracts table content for you while preserving the original data’s hierarchal structure. 

Merge, Unmerge, and Duplicate Cells to Fit Your Needs

Tailor your tables to your analytics goals by merging, unmerging, or duplicating specific content for a clearer view and quicker insights.

Acodis Table Extraction Benefits

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Boost Data Accuracy

Get accurate digital twins of your tables from every document, every time. 

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Cut Data Entry Tasks

Unlock a stream of table data from your documents tailored to your analytics goals without manual effort.

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ROI < 6 Months

Start automating and gaining business insights from your tables and documents from day one.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Acodis’ AI capabilities make the platform smarter with every scan. This is a big plus.”

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Thomas H.

"OCR, Data-Extraction & AI - perfectly done on business documents like contracts"

Source: Reviews on G2.com

Johannes W.

“Very powerful product packed with many useful features. Built for both experts and non-technical users, backed by a class A support team.”

Source: Reviews on G2.com

Ricardo S.
Pharmaceutical Enterprise

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