The path to (Generative) AI starts with data from YOUR company.

AI-powered initiatives, including Generative AI ones, play an important role in Pharma and Life Science enterprises in their path of unlocking the insights from data to drive the business forward. 80% of this data is locked in PDF or Word documents. Structuring this data is key to preparing it for Generative AI models.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • What are the latest developments and critical steps in unlocking Generative AI for Life Science?
  • Why do I need to transform documents into structured data for Generative AI?
  • How can the process of extracting data from documents be automated?
  • What does Human-in-the-Loop mean in the context of Generative AI?


  • 5 min  -  Welcome and Introduction (Martin Keller, CEO of Acodis)
  • 15 min - Latest developments in AI for Life Science. Why structured data is essential for Generative AI initiatives? (Shalini Trefzer, Global AI/Data Lead for Roche and Tomasz Pelczarski, Data & AI Advisor at Microsoft)
  • 15 min - Use cases in Life Science. How to turn any document into structured data? (Benjamin von Deschwanden, CPO of Acodis) 
  • 10 min - Q&A