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Turn Patient Leaflets Into Structured Data

Digitisation of Patient Information & Leaflets Assessment

Accelerate your Data Structuring - Patient Leaflets contain valuable information for patients and healthcare professionals. Structure their content and enable patients to access their leaflets via a mobile app.


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From Leaflets to Valuable Data

Today’s source of the patient leaflet is a Word document for collaboration and regulatory reasons in the different markets. That format and its distributed storage are optimized for the primary use case of the physical paper leaflet. This causes challenges in providing patients digital access to the leaflet and having a single source of truth for the patient leaflet information. This process is expensive and error-prone. Having a properly structured representation requires much more than copy-paste and OCR.

Acodis Approach to the Digitisation of Patient Leaflets


Structure & Extract

Word files are highly unstructured. Acodis recognises and extracts:

  • Title/subtitle structure
  • Irrelevant information
  • Multi-column tables
  • Images & figures, etc.

Verify & Represent

  • Regulators approve leaflets “as it visually appears” - no deviations are allowed.
  • Systematic verification via an intuitive user interface, including highlighting extracted data.
  • Continuous learning with “human-in-the-loop” and confidence values.
  • Data can be represented in different views: structure, export, and elements.

Share &

  • Workflows can be made available and shared with other members of the organisation.
  • Seamless integration with various input and output channels and data formats.
  • Data transformation to standard formats such as FHIR is available.
  • Embedded audit trail to see any content changes done by users.


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Industry Challenges

Disadvantages of manually processing Patient Leaflets

  • The content of leaflets is not machine-understandable
  • Template- and rule-based approaches fail
  • Error-prone manual document structuring
  • Time-consuming transformation into XML
  • Multiple XML-Output-Schema required
  • The leaflet contains complex elements (figures, tables, multi-columns etc.)



Document Processing

Benefits of Acodis

Acodis is addressing the challenges and much more

  • Works with QRD and SPL Templates in any language 
  • Title Structure (Sections) extraction
  • Removal of irrelevant for mobile representation (e.g., Page Number)
  • Tagging & Annotations 
  • Text Layout & Reading Order
  • Table Extraction
  • Images & Figures embedded in XML
  • Easily integrates with any downstream system
  • Schema available for PharmaLedger and HL7 FHIR

Structured Leaflets = Happy Customers

Very experienced team, flexible, dedicated.
The solution is out of the box and already good,
but with the customising options, it is just amazing.

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Certifications & Data Privacy

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