Digital Mailroom Automation

Reduce Costs, Optimize Processes and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Automate your inbox with state-of-the-art Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).


End the Inbox-Nightmare - with Digital Mailroom Automation

An immediate response to customer inquiries improves customer satisfaction and is proof of optimized processes. 
Digital Mailroom Automation captures incoming mail and their attached documents, classifies and processes them, and sends the extracted data to the responsible person or the appointed system. The automation of incoming mail not only enables you to shorten your processing and response times, but also helps lower the cost of sorting, organizing, and manually tagging documents. Also, this automation makes information more quickly available to enterprise business systems to initiate, support, and complete transactions. 

Advantages of a Digital Mailroom

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Accelerate Workflows

Make information more quickly available to initiate, support, and complete transactions

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Increase Visibility

Gain a real-time understanding of the information entering your enterprise

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Reduce Operational Costs

Lower the costs of sorting, organizing, and manually tagging documents

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Shorten your processing and response time to customer inquiries

Stop struggling with your document processing!

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Easy 3-Step Process for Digital Mailroom Automation

Automating your inbox is as easy as booking a flight.

Step 1


Messages and attachments get directly uploaded into the IDP-System. Acodis searches through your documents and identifies the relevant information you're looking for.

Step 2


With the help of artificial intelligence, the data gets interpreted and analysed.

Step 3

Ready to Use

The data is made available for use and gets forwarded to the appointed workflow. Need the data for something else? Export it into any format you would like to.

Industry Solution: Financial Industry

Process financial statements, bank statements, and other documents with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) - more efficient and with a low error rate


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