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Allianz: Measuring Resource Consumption of Real Estate With Intelligent Document Processing



With the help of intelligent document processing (IDP), Allianz Real Estate has the ability to evaluate the electricity, gas, and heating consumption amongst their portfolio. They can ultimately expand their usage of the platform with additional bills from new suppliers.


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The extraction of consumption data of buildings from energy bills.
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Over 6'000 energy bills per year for 300 pieces of real estate.

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Classification and data extraction.

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Starting Point

Allianz Suisse Immobilien AG, a company of the Allianz insurance group, launched the "CO2 footprint" project to measure and reduce the company-wide CO2 footprint. To determine the current CO2 emissions of the 300 properties, the electricity, gas, and district heating consumption data were collected and evaluated. 6,000 electricity bills were read, which were issued by 96 energy companies over a period of one year. This resulted in large deviations of the bills in terms of layout and structure. Manual collection of the information would have been time-consuming, repetitive and error-prone, which is why an automated solution was instigated.


Carbonreporting Data Extraction: 1'500 hours in time saving per year

"Acodis extracted the data provided in energy bills with a very high accuracy and in a relatively short period of time."


 Sustainability Expert

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Our Approach

In a first phase, the statements of the six largest energy plants were read out with the Acodis IDP platform. These statements represented 50% of the existing documents. This meant that a significant part could already be analysed and a process set up for the following phases. The pipeline of the extraction process included text recognition and classification of the scanned statements, extraction and analysis of the relevant data and storage of the extracted data in a database.
In the second phase, Allianz Immobilien is now able to use the Acodis IDP platform as an ongoing service. This allows the extraction and analysis of further statements at the push of a button. The platform can also be further supplemented with statements from additional energy utilities.

Customer Benefits

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Sustainable Real Estate Management

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Laying Foundation for Future Intelligent Document Processing
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Save Time and Resources


The automated extraction of the consumption data and the set-up of the pipeline and database allowed the saving of resources, laid the foundation for future intelligent document processing, and is a big step towards sustainable real estate management. 
With the help of data extraction, Allianz Immobilien can evaluate the energy consumption of its buildings and use the information obtained to identify efficient measures for CO2 reduction.

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