Use Case: Archive Digitisation

GSK: Bringing Historic Monuments Into the Digital Age With Intelligent Document Processing



The Society for Art History in Switzerland has, over the last 92 years, issued a book series that is considered to be the standard reference when it comes to Swiss buildings culture, art, and history.

The Content of 137 volumes, which came together to a total of over 65'000 pages, was put into an online knowledge base, including the original images and references.


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The extraction of content from a book series and the setup of a Web Platform.
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142 Volumes with a total of 65'000 pages

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Scanning, data extraction,
data enrichment, data validation and the setup of a web platform.

„With this project, the Society of Art History launches the largest digital project in the science of arts, which will connect historical monuments across their cover boards and expand them in an innovative way.”


Nicole Bauermeister, Head of GSK

Starting Point

Over the past 92 years, the Society for Swiss Art History (GSK) has published the book series "Die Kunstdenkmäler der Schweiz". The series is considered the standard work for Swiss building culture, art, and history. As part of the GSK's digitisation strategy, the online knowledge database "Kds-Online" was to be created, containing the contents of 137 volumes, approx. 65,000 pages, of the book series. The corresponding images and references were also to be available.

Users should be able to search for the described objects on the customised web platform and export editions of the book series in just a single click.

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Our Approach

With its years of experience in intelligent document processing (IDP), Acodis was commissioned to execute and implement the project. Firstly, the books were scanned, and the resulting images were converted with the help of text recognition program.

Secondly, the content of the books (text, images, metadata, etc.) was automatically extracted and structured for each object or monument. The content was then enriched with geographical data, which enables users of the platform to find the objects via Google Maps.

Lastly, Acodis set up the platform Kds-Online, which was equipped with a search engine with numerous filter functions. To enable corrections and updates of the entries, a data editor was set up, which allows the authors to keep the content valid and up to date.

Customer Benefits

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Maintaining Information Through State-of-the-Art Technology

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More Efficient & Flexible Research
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Making 92 Years of Research Available to the Public


Thanks to the collaboration with Acodis, the Society for Swiss Art History maintains information through state-of-the-art technology, enables an efficient and flexible way of research and made 92 years of research available to the public. 
With the Acodis solution, the GSK was able to pursue its digitization strategy and make its content available to the general public. The important heritage of art monuments in Switzerland is now accessible to all.

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