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Legal document automation is a crucial tool to consider if your goals are tailored to reducing time, effort, and cost - while strengthening consistency and accuracy. 

Driving Legal Documents into Digital Form

There is no question that law firms are under a great deal of pressure from their clients to provide creative and cost-effective billing solutions. Turning to technology, such as Acodis' intelligent document processing tool, can ultimately enable the automation of documentation promptly while mitigating risks.

State Chancellery Canton St.Gallen

A total of 2'450 documents with creation dates back to 1941. Learn more about the project "Retrodigital" and its significance for the development of the e-government.


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Working with Machine Learning doesn't have to be complicated, not anymore, at least. 
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In Acodis, we found the right partner for our data extraction POC. The ML technology enabled us to extract surprisingly accurate components of complex insurance policies. This will enable us to increase the quality of our customers' coverages in the future and make internal processes more efficient.

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The Advantages of Automated Data Processing Are Countless

A quantum leap in document and data extraction

Different Layouts

Process a wide scope of document types effortlessly

Different Languages

No language barriers: It operates seamlessly in various languages

Augments Value

Time and cost savings can free up resources for you and your team

Effortless Accessibility

The Machine Learning System stores data in a well-structured and easily manageable way

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