Data Extraction for Logistics & Supply Chain

Free your staff from monotonous, repetitive, and unmotivating manual data entry activities. Digitise your document management with easy to use machine learning.


Automated Analysis and Processing of Any Documents

Logistics companies process large volumes of orders and price inquiries every day - with an overwhelming amount of documents in the midst.  The implementation of intelligent document processing is crucial when the processing of large amounts of data efficiently and effectively is necessary.

Acodis ultimately enables logistics companies to convert any document into structured data within seconds - powered by machine learning. Giving you more time to focus on other business needs.

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Start your Document Digitization Journey

Working with Machine Learning doesn't have to be complicated, not anymore, at least. 
Our process can be split up into three simple steps:

Upload Samples

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Test the Setup

Acodis tests 80% of your document samples, giving the remaining 20% a robust evaluation for you to examine against your desired results

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Now we can process orders and price requests worldwide in real-time. This allows us to react faster to customer inquiries and strengthen customer relationships.

Benedikt König
Manager Operations Support at Wärtsilä

The Advantages of Automated Data Processing Are Countless

A quantum leap in document and data extraction

Different Layouts

Process a wide scope of document types effortlessly

Different Languages

No language barriers: It operates seamlessly in various languages

Augments Value

Time and cost savings can free up resources for you and your team

Effortless Accessibility

The Machine Learning System stores data in a well-structured and easily manageable way
A Powerful Engine for Logistics Documents

Learn more about how Wärtsilä set up their extendable learning system and how they process purchase orders and requests for quotation around the globe.


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