Data Extraction for Public Institutions

The public sector heavily relies on documents and the information trapped within them. What slows employees down the most is taking the time to search for specific information manually. With the help of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) you can drastically cut the time spent searching for data, preserving valuable information for future generations. 


Automated Analysis and Processing of Any Documents

Administrative tasks make up a large part of the public sector. Every day, thousands of documents are created and filed - often physically. Due to the increasing time pressure and workload of employees, it is becoming more and more important that the information in the archives is quickly available. Acodis offers you a simple and customisable digitisation and data extraction solution that helps you digitise complete archives and transform them into machine-readable formats. All of which is thanks to our intelligent document processing platform.



There are many valuable collections of information that are not yet available digitally

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It would have cost us much time to digitize the index cards by ourselves. With the automated solution by Acodis, the manual work was reduced significantly, and we could invest in a promising technology for the future.

Anja Huber_Stadt ZH | Acodis
Anja Huber
Project Manager at the Zurich City Archive

The Advantages of Automated Data Processing Are Countless

A quantum leap in document and data extraction

Different Layouts

Process a wide scope of document types effortlessly

Different Languages

No language barriers: It operates seamlessly in various languages

Augments Value

Time and cost savings can free up resources for you and your team

Effortless Accessibility

The Machine Learning System stores data in a well-structured and easily manageable way

Retrodigital: Processing the past for the future

Learn more on how the Canton of St.Gallen took a big step towards E-Government, using Intelligent Document Processing.


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