Processing of Payslips for Income Verification

Faster Data Extraction from Payslips

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can drastically change the data extraction from payslips. Book your Demo today and convince yourself.


Stop Typing, Start Automating Your Data Extraction form Payslips

Financial institutions must be quick, thorough, and compliant during applicant background checks, especially when it comes to extracting data from payslips. This is because customers want a swift response notifying them whether their request is accepted/denied.

Unfortunately, the process of data extraction from payslips has not caught up with expectations of fast automation. Many bankers have to manually type in data from documents onto other platforms. These operations consume personnel hours, slow down business workflows, and frustrate customers.

Intelligent Document Processing can radically change the face of lending for those banks still working through applications by hand. By automating a big part of the data extraction from payslips, you can eliminate the countless hours spent on filling out digital-form fields, and your employees can pursue higher-level tasks, and bring more value to your customers.


Stop Struggling With the Extraction form Payslips!

Our experts look forward to showing you all the benefits that come with Intelligent Document Processing. Book a free meeting and learn:

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Data Extraction with Acodis

Secure quick wins with instant automation of your income verification process. Leave those never-ending projects behind and create tangible results within days instead of months. 

Step 1

Upload & Document Classification

There are different options on how you can upload your documents to the system. Whether it's by sending them via an API integration, sending them to an email address, or directly dragging and dropping them into the application, you choose the option that fits your needs.

Document Classification
After the document upload, Acodis starts to classify your documents into the correct document classes:

  • Payslips
  • Identification documents
  • Rental agreements
  • Excerpt from the debt collection register
  • and more

Acodis will also segment and split your documents in this step. 

Intelligent Document Processing Capturing Data from Blue Document
Data extracted from multiple documents automatically that are connected to intelligent document processing
Step 2

Data Extraction

Acodis Data Extraction is powered by machine learning and reads any information from documents:

  • Numbers like gross and net salary, deductions, allowances, etc.
  • Address of the employee and employer
  • Dates from the relevant pay period
  • And more

For example, Acodis extracts more than 40 data points from payslips. You can easily customize your required data points for any document with just a few clicks – no data scientist needed.

Step 3

Data Analysis & Integration

Data Analysis
Go beyond data extraction and implement validation rules and calculation logic. For example, Acodis can determine whether social security deductions are within a plausible range, whether the font type is consistent, or we can flag data beyond accuracy thresholds. 

Integrate Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) into your existing workflows to increase efficiency. Thanks to our flexible input and output options such as API, email, drag & drop, etc., you can simply plug in our income verification technology without altering your whole credit process. This results in fast and measurable ROI.

an Intelligent document processing folder extracts data from documents and analysed by multiple users

Our collaboration with Acodis has enabled us to optimize our document processing significantly. As a result, we can make the right data-driven decision and thus better support our customers. 

Stephan Schütrumpf, Executive Board at Creditreform Rating

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Benefits of Automated Data Extraction form Payslips

Automating your data extraction form payslips with Intelligent Document Processing comes with countless benefits.
Below are three favourites of our customers.

Produce Answers Sooner

Receive the Relevant Information Faster

Acodis Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) allows automating the extraction of relevant information from payslips and other documents. The technology works 24/7, does not get tired, and is several times faster than a human. 

Increase Accuracy

Get Better Results While Reducing the Effort

Stop hunting for the necessary data, rather have it served to you nicely presented. And never struggle with typos again.

Fraud Detection

Don't Let Scammers Stop You

The detection of fraud can be complicated and take hours to get recognized by the human eyes. Thanks to Intelligent Document Processing, you can find fraudulent data in a fraction of the time it took you before.

We Take Security Seriously

When handling sensitive data, security should always come first. Acodis is aware of this and ensures to process sensitive customer data based on the highest security standards.


Where do we host our services?

We host on Microsoft Azure Switzerland Data Center North by default but also offer an on-premise solution.

Acodis cloud storage option is ISO/IEC 27018 certified and is GDPR compliant.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure Switzerland on Microsoft Switzerland launches Dynamics 365, more Power Platform modules and additional Azure services from the Swiss data center

Does Acodis store any of your data?

Acodis does not store the documents you process, neither can it read what is extracted from your documents. The communication between the customers and Acodis is secured via SSL.

What is our policy regarding data retention?

As specified by the client, the uploaded documents will be stored for a defined amount of time. After the retention period has ended, the documents are not accessible anymore via the application and will be removed from the database.

Automated Processing of Payslips

Learn more about how a major Swiss bank automated the processing of payslips.


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