Invoice Processing with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Every day can be a Friday - with automated invoices processing, using IDP.
Get the relevant information you need within seconds and keep your invoices organised.

Make invoices fun again

Processing large numbers of invoices manually leads to lost or duplicated invoices, meaning a customer isn’t billed at all, or, they’re double billed. Moreover, invoices could take longer to reach your customers, which can potentially delay payments from reaching your books.
The implementation of Intelligent Document Processing helps to avoid these mishaps and releases your staff from stressful and tiring manual data entry.

Allianz Real Estate: Making an impact using IDP on invoices

There are many ways how you can use Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) on invoices. Allianz Real Estate used it to reduce the energy consumption of its buildings. IDP enabled Allianz to lay the foundation for sustainable real estate management.
Read the full Case Study to learn more about the automation of invoice processing.
Video-Allianz Real Estate


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Easy 3-Step Process

Automating your invoices is as easy as booking a flight. Check out the On-Demand Demo and convince yourself!

Step 1

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Upload your documents into your IDP-System. Acodis searches through your invoices and identifies the relevant information you're looking for.

Step 2

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With the help of artificial intelligence, your data gets interpreted and analysed.

Step 3

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Ready to Use

The data is made available for use and you can export the extracted information into any format you would like to.

Measuring Resource Consumption of Real Estate

Learn more about how Allianz Suisse automatically extracts data from over 6'000 energy bills per year for 300 pieces of real estate to reduce their carbon footprint.


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