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Process Orders in Real-Time - Thanks to Intelligent Document Processing

Business and money never sleep. That's one reason you should process incoming purchase orders as fast and as accurately as possible. Implementing an Intelligent Document Processing System makes it possible to react to purchase orders swiftly and in real-time.


Stronger, Faster, IDP

The smallest purchase order can create a massive amount of documents. With the help of Intelligent Document Processing, you constantly keep track of what's going on, never lose the overview of your inventory, and strengthen your customer relationships due to a faster response time.

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Stop struggling with your document processing!

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Easy 3-Step Process

Automating your invoices is as easy as booking a flight.

Step 1


Upload your documents into your IDP-System. Acodis searches through your documents and identifies the relevant information you're looking for.

Step 2


With the help of artificial intelligence, your data gets interpreted and analysed.

Step 3

Ready to Use

The data is made available for use and you can export the extracted information into any format you would like to.

A Powerful Engine for Documents

Learn more about how Wärtsilä set up their extendable learning system and how they process purchase orders and requests for quotation around the globe.


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