Extract Data From Any Document in Seconds

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Every business process contains documents.

Unlock unstructured data from any document type, and make it ready for LLMs and RAG, for data analytics and process automation.


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Why AI Data Extraction

Cut Data Entry Tasks by 87.4%

Customize how every stage of your document processing workflow is automated— in a few clicks. Every step, from import to structured data export, is performed according to your specifications.


Traceable and Actionable Data

Unlock a stream of data from your documents to existing systems and gain access to actionable data tailored to your analytics and business goals.


Keep Humans in the Loop

Gain complete oversight and control over all document-related data and workflows with full human-in-the-loop functionality on one no-code platform.


How AI Data Extraction Works

Everything you need to know about AI Data Extraction explained in 59 seconds

Extract Data From PDFs
With AI in 3 Steps

Extract text, tables, and images from any document automatically


Step 1

Import & Categorize

AI imports and categorizes incoming documents for you and prepares them for further processing

Step 2

Extract & Validate

AI identifies, labels, and extracts the exact data you need, then validates it according to your specifications or prompts you for a manual review

Step 3

Structure & Export

AI transforms the extracted data into structured data (XML or JSON) and then exports it to your downstream systems

Certifications & Data Privacy

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